BBC Technologies prides itself on providing exceptional after-sales service and technical support to all our customers with our own BBC Technologies Field Service Technicians. We do not outsource any of our service and technical support.

We offer live and local service in-season service including site-specific dedicated Field Service Technicians when requested. We also offer remote service via internet connection. Our helpful staff are also available to attend your inquiries by dialing any of our regional contact numbers and pressing 2 for service.

Pre Installation
Custom Pack house Design & Consultation
Custom Turnkey Packing Line Design and Consultation
Packaging Analysis & Feedback (Clamshell, Punnet, Bags, Boxes)
Workflow Anaylysis

During Installation
Installation by those who design/build it
Training for key staff including pack house managers

Pre Season
Pre Season Maintenance Service Package
Spare Parts Stock

Throughout the Season
In Field BBC Technologies Customer Support Technician
Dedicated Resources Provided
Personalized In Season Support
Remote in Access
Spare Parts Local Facility
24/7 Toll Free
Performance Feedback

Post Season
Assess possible upgraded parts for next season
Assess possible upgraded software for next season
Analysis of operations
Post season analysis of workflow
Post season performance feedback

Service Contact Details (hover over country for phone numbers)