Privacy Policy

(last updated 03 Jun 2015)


  • Our Commitment to Privacy
  1. (BBC Technologies) is committed to providing its users and customer’s privacy of information.
  2. We work hard to ensure this through the following steps:
    1. Transparency: telling you what information we collect and why we are collecting it, as outlined below in sections B and C.
    2. Security: all information collected is safe and secure, stored on a protected, local network and provided only to Google via secure means as outlined in B.
    3. Brevity: obtaining only the information that is required to conduct our business as outlined below in B. and C.
    4. Timeliness: only using information when we are reasonably sure it’s accurate and up-to-date.
    5. Respect: providing customers’ and users the right to view, edit (section C.5) and choose not to provide (section B.5.b) information.


  • Google Analytics
  1. Like many websites, (BBC Technologies) uses Google Analytics to collect information about our website, how it is used, and what our users are like.
  2. Google Analytics collects anonymous information via “cookies”.
    1. Anonymous means no personally identifiable information is collected without your express consent – such as filling in and submitting a form on our website.
    2. “cookies” are small text files stored on your computer that collect anonymous internet log information and visitor behaviour.
    3. Examples of the information collected are:
      1. What website you came from.
      2. How long you stay for.
      3. What kind of computer and browser you’re using.
  3. The anonymous information generated in cookies (including your IP address) is sent to Google and used to generate statistical reports which are used exclusively by BBC Technologies.
    1. Your data is not held in any raw form by BBC Technologies, it is used anonymously to create reports on the website as a whole.
    2. These reports are viewed by the website team at BBC Technologies only and are not shared with any third party.
    3. The generated reports are used to improve content on our website and other communication channels to better meet the needs of our users.
  4. Your IP address is collected for the sole purpose of estimating your geographic location (typically within 40km). This location is used to report broadly where our views are coming from.
    1. BBC Technologies does not link, or attempt to link your IP address with the identity of an individual computer user.
    2. BBC Technologies does not correlate your IP address with any other information submitted from the same IP address to
    3. Google will not associate your IP address with any other information held by Google.
  5. Your information is safe and handled responsibly; and its use of Google Analytics is done so within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.
    1. The Google Analytics Privacy and Security statement can be found here and outlines the steps Google takes to keep your information safe.
    2. If you would prefer not to submit anonymous information to tracking you can opt out of Google’s advertising tracking cookie or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software.


  • Submission of Personal Information
  1. Personal information is collected by BBC Technologies only when submitted, with your consent, via one of the forms on
  2. Information is gathered for the sole purpose outlined by the form it is submitted through:
    1. “Request a Quote” form information is used to:
      1. Ensure you are not a robot, “bot” or spammer.
      2. Help us build an image of you and your company.
      3. Contact you directly with our quote which is tailored to you using the information provided.
    2. “Contact Us” form information is used to:
      1. Ensure you are not a robot, “bot” or spammer.
      2. Respond directly to your message.
  3. Your information is viewed and used exclusively by BBC Technologies for the express purpose outlined above in B.2.a.
    1. Your information is not provided to any third party for any reason.
    2. BBC Technologies will not use your information for any BBC Technologies mailers, advertising or subscription services without express permission.
  4. Your information may be retained and used as the basis of your account should you become a BBC Technologies customer.
  5. If you believe you have submitted information in error, or wish to have submitted information removed from our records, please contact
    1. Your information will be removed from all associated records, web submissions and email.
    2. Information removal will occur at the earliest opportunity after a request is made.