KATO 260

The KATO 260 is the innovative and industry-defining precision grading system for blueberries. It is the most refined solution for optical selection and optimization of blueberries on the market. The KATO 260 is the culmination of four years of comprehensive research into the characteristics of the blueberry meaning the KATO 260 was built literally from the berry up. Understanding and respecting the value of each individual berry meant developing the KATO 260 with precision controls to support sophisticated grading criteria that exceed market demands. The KATO 260 allows growers and packers to increase business through superior selection and better guarantee of shelf life. BBC Technologies intimate awareness of the delicate characteristics of the blueberry enabled a compact design which emphasizes gentle handling and product preservation. Experience the power of certainty across color, softness, bruising, decay, dehydrations, stems, peeling and scarring with BBC Technologies KATO 260.




Suitable for:

  • Blueberries

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