COLOR SORTER – With Defect Recognition

The BBC Technologies Electronic Color Sorter is designed specifically to color sort small objects and combines high speed, accuracy and versatility with intelligent traceability to maximize the potential of any packing facility. Our vision-based technology has the additional ability to detect a range of characteristics; including over-ripe, diseased, bird pecked and decayed fruit.

Model Options
A range of models are manufactured and customized to accommodate various production lines. As well as left and right orientated machines, the following models are available to sort objects from 3/16” (5mm) to 1 3/16” (30mm).

The models currently available are:

36″ 54 lane – 5400 kg/hr – 11900 lb/hr
48″ 72 lane – 7200 kg/hr – 15900 lb/hr

Suitable for:

  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries
  • Olives

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